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12.12.13 - 16:18 -
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The proposed Istán road skyscraper revealed as 30 storey residential building
The land reserved for the project is one kilometre from the beach,
Since Marbella Town Hall approved modifications to local planning restrictions to allow the construction of skyscrapers in the municipality, so far only one project has been put forward. The plans envisage a 30-storey residential block reaching 115 metres above sea level on the Istán road. The high rise block would be designed by Catalán architect Ricardo Bofill, thanks to negotiations with the developers that are in their final stages.
While several investment groups from Spain and further afield have shown an interest, this is the only definite project that has reached the local planning offices.
The site for the block would be near the Istán road, just over a kilometre from the coast, and not far from the Olivia Valere night club, Les Roches hotel management school and Manolo Santana’s tennis club. The project is for a solely residential building with a maximum of four luxury flats per floor.
According to the regulations approved by the local council, tower blocks of 30 to 50 storeys would be allowed up to a maximum of 150 metres above sea level on land that itself is a maximum of 50 metres above sea level.
The idea of the developers is to build luxury apartments with quality services, including private security, spa and sports facilities.
This area is one of five pinpointed by the council as suitable for high rise blocks. The other areas are El Realejo, Río Verde and two sites in Guadaiza.
The approval of the modification has met with the objections of the council’s three opposition groups and has sparked debate in social media. A Facebook group created against the skyscrapers already has more than 800 members.


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