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The enclosure reserved for dogs in Parque de los Tres Jardines covers 4,500 square metres and follows facility already open in Nagüeles
10.12.13 - 10:38 -
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New park in San Pedro makes Marbella one of the most dog-friendly towns
Dogs and owners discover the new enclosure reserved especially for them inside San Pedro’s Tres Jardines park.
In just five months Marbella has gone from having not one single area reserved for exercising dogs to being one of the towns with the most square metres of “canine park” in the region.
On Monday evening dog lovers resident in San Pedro Alcántara and Nueva Andalucía joined in the opening of the new enclosure located inside San Pedro’s Parque de los Tres Jardines (Park of the Three Gardens).
In total the area reserved for dogs covers 4,500 square metres and has cost some 60,000 euros, funds that have come from the municipal Parks and Gardens budget.
The initiative, planned with the consensus of local animal associations, has resulted in an open space where dogs can exercise, run free and answer the call of nature. A special area has been reserved for the latter necessity and owners are obliged to clean up after their pets. Fines for failing to do so range between 75 and 600 euros.
Meanwhile Marbella Town Hall has launched a new campaign to raise awareness among residents of the need to keep the town’s streets clean, paying special attention to dog dirt.
Mayor Ángeles Muñoz said on Monday that the opening of this dog enclosure came in response to requests put to the town hall by different residents’ associations. This is the second park of its kind opened to meet this demand, after a 10,500 square metre area was made available for dog owners in Nagüeles in June this year.
“We promised that we would do it as quickly as possible, and that’s what we’ve done,” said Muñoz.
The San Pedro dog garden is surrounded by a fence to protect the valuable species of plants and trees growing in the forest park, and to prevent other users from coming across loose animals.
Pet owners can directly access the dog exercise area from two points: in the north, from the San Pedro industrial estate; and through the main entrance on the west side, closest to the town itself.
The opening of the canine park has been welcomed by local animal welfare associations. The secretary of Triple A, Jan Weima, described himself as the “number one fan” of the dog park in Nagüeles, where he says he goes every day.
“The Town Hall has woken up and has seen that things like this needed doing in the town. I welcome anything that benefits the welfare of dogs and this new enclosure is spectacular,” he said.
According to the spokesperson for the ‘Peludos’ association, Carmen López, “We’ve gone from having nothing and fighting, to having the best two facilities.”
The San Pedro park is not the last of the Town Hall’s initiatives to meet the demands of dog owners. In January a new municipal bylaw will come into force allowing dogs on some beaches. Artola, Las Chapas, El Pinillo in Marbella, and an area between Linda Vista and Guadaiza inSan Pedro are those affected by the change.
According to the councillor responsible for Health affairs, Alicia Jiménez, no objections have been made to the bylaw during the official public display period and so it will come into force in January.
The Parque de los Tres Jardines itself covers 9.5 hectares. It was officially opened to the public in November last year.
The three gardens in its name refer to its subtropical, Mediterranean and Moorish areas with around 10,500 plants and trees.


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