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Spain news

27.08.13 - 13:09 -
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The world’s largest independent financial advisory organisation, the deVere Group, has launched a recruitment drive for additional team leaders, account executives, and telemarketers, it has been announced this week.
Those recruited will be based at the firm’s flagship European Communications Centre (ECC), a plush, contemporary office space in Mijas Costa. The ECC, a pioneering, technology and design-led facility, was inaugurated last autumn to provide ongoing backup and a wide-ranging set of support services to deVere Group’s Europe-based financial advisers and their clients.
Speaking of the new recruitment drive, Head of the European Communications Centre, Kerry Newcombe, tells SUR in English: “The ECC was a first-of-its-kind facility and, since it has been established, it has proven to be an invaluable resource for deVere’s financial advisers and clients throughout Europe, plus a huge asset to the firm’s global business model.
“As the ECC becomes ever more integral to deVere’s European operations, as steps are being taken to double its European presence within three years, and as demand for the firm’s specialist advice consistently grows, we’re looking for more highly-motivated, results-driven and energetic individuals to join our already world-class team.
“Successful candidates will be starting a career in the fast-paced, dynamic financial services industry within an internationally-focussed, prestigious, responsible corporation that has more than 70,000 international investor and expatriate clients worldwide.”
She adds: “We have positions available in a variety of roles – including team leaders, account executives and telemarketers – and whilst each will require a different skill set, all will require applicants to demonstrate enthusiasm, commitment and a determination to succeed.”
CVs can be sent via email to deVere Group is an equal opportunities employer.
To find out more about working at The European Communications Centre, please see the video on the deVere Group’s YouTube channel.