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17.07.13 - 17:48 -
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Xanit International Hospital has become a role model in Oncology nationwide with the acquisition of Andalusian Radio-Oncology Centre, Croasa
Xanit International Hospital has acquired one hundred percent of the shares of Andalusian Radio-Oncology Centre, S.A. and Integral Medical Oncology, S.L. -both forming a center called Croasa, that bills more than 6 million Euros a year-getting established with this purchase as a leader in Oncology nationwide.
This acquisition was carried out by the capital increase of existing funds, owners of Xanit International Hospital, N +1 Mercapital, Akina Partners and Partners Group, all demonstrating their financial strenght and commitment to the project.
Croasa belonged to a private Andalusian group dedicated to cancer treatments using the most innovative techniques and protocols in Radiation and Medical Oncology.
The CEO and Managing Director of Xanit International Hospital, Mrs Mercedes Mengíbar, highlighted:"The importance of the purchase in order to move forward with the treatment and prevention of cancer" and explained that the acquisition: "Strengthens the Xanit Cancer Institute (IOX)" that runs the prestigious Dr. Emilio Alba, a leader in Oncology nationally and internationally, and reinforces the discipline as one of the cornerstones of the Hospital together with the Heart Area.
In addition, the Hospital plans to incorporate new medical specialties within Croasa facilities in Malaga, with the aim of bringing to the people of Malaga medical services by Xanit International Hospital.
Croasa was opened in 1989 and has agreements with major national and international insurance companies, as well as being cordinated by the Andalusian Health Service in providing radiotherapy services.
Currently Xanit International Hospital has the Xanit Cancer Institute with five functional units, replicating the successful model of the best international cancer hospitals. Xanit medical team, consisting of nine oncologists, two radiation oncologists and two radiation physicists, now adds to its team three doctors specializing in medical oncology, four physicians specializing in radiation therapy and two radiophysicists.
The Xanit Cancer Institute is a multidisciplinary area where a patient is diagnosed, seen by the oncologist and in a weeks time can be operated and treated. It aims to provide patients with a diagnosis and cancer treatment of high scientific and human quality, joining up in this unit all structures related to the treatment and diagnosis of cancer (radiology, nuclear medicine, pathology, surgery, medical oncology and radiotherapy).
Xanit International Hospital
Xanit International Hospital (, who has agreements with major national and international insurance companies and mutual work benefit societies, has the most advanced technology in the field of private health practice.
Xanit International has a team made up of more than 650 professionals and has 13,000 m2 distributed over five floors with 110 single rooms. It also has a medical center,
Xanit Fuengirola, which brings medical team closer to the patients, offering the same quality care, and a center dedicated to the prevention of health in the El Corte Ingles of Avenida de Andalucia in Malaga, Xanit Salud.