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Unemployment in the province of Malaga has risen to 37 per cent
29.04.13 - 13:28 -
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6.2 million jobless in Spain
Dole queues are still growing. SUR
Malaga. Spain's unemployment rate rose to 27 per cent in the first quarter of 2013, with a total of 6,202,700. In the province of Malaga, 36.71 per cent of the working population are looking for a job.
This is according to the latest edition of the EPA ('Encuesta de Población Activa' or survey of people able to work) which was published on Thursday by the National Institute of Statistics.
During the first three months of 2013, 8,800 people have joined Malaga’s dole queue, raising the overall number of those out of work to 284,000.
In fact the loss of working opportunities is greater than suggested by the figures. In the first quarter of the year 14,900 people in Malaga lost their jobs. The number of unemployed workers registered hasn’t increased by this many because there has been a decrease in the active population, or those able to work.
In comparison with the rest of Andalucía, Malaga hasn’t done too badly. Three provinces have more than 40 per cent unemployment: Almería, Huelva and Jaén. Only Seville and Cordoba,with 33.10 per cent and 33.29 per cent respectively, have lower rates of unemployment than Malaga.
On a national scale, Malaga doesn’t fare too well. There are almost ten points between Spain’s national average of 27.16 per cent unemployed and Malaga’s latest figure of 36.71 per cent of workers without a job.