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20.02.13 - 18:31 -
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Essential seminars for Spain’s tax resident expats
With Spain’s new tax reporting regulations coming into effect in a matter of weeks, the deVere Group, the world’s largest independent financial advisory firm, is preparing a series of informative seminars across the country for those who could be affected by the changes.
The new rules make it obligatory for the country’s tax residents, in general terms that is anyone who spends more than 183 days here, to declare any offshore assets worth 50,000 euros or more to the Spanish tax authorities. These assets include bank accounts, property, investments, assets in trust, annuities, and life insurance policies. The first declaration must be made before 30th April 2013 and it will be an annual procedure by 31st March thereafter.
“This issue is expected to affect hundreds of thousands of expatriates in Spain and failure to comply with the regulations could result in hefty fines that could wipe out savings and leave you owing more money to the taxman,” Andrew Oliver, Senior Managing Partner of deVere Spain tells SUR in English.
“With this in mind, we’re travelling to towns and cities to inform people of their increased obligations and the bonafide, tax-efficient solutions available to them.”
deVere Spain’s senior advisers, and other guest speakers, will be visiting Madrid, Barcelona, Palma and Murcia amongst other destinations, including Marbella on 11th March.
“The seminars are always lively, spirited events, held in exclusive venues, and we look forward to welcoming as many people as possible. More information about the nearest one to you can be found online at”
Much of the behind-the-scenes preparatory work for these seminars is being carried out by the team at deVere’s flagship European Communications Centre (ECC) in Mijas Costa.
“The ECC, a pioneering facility which provides support services for our financial advisers and clients, is playing an increasingly integral part in the firm’s ambitious growth strategy,” explains deVere Group director, Mike Coady.
“As such, we’re currently looking to employ a further 20 energetic, motivated results-driven individuals over the next month to join our 30-strong team at the Centre.
“Successful applicants will become part of an international company with more than 70,000 clients worldwide. It’s a major opportunity for those who are serious about fast-tracking their career.”
CVs can be sent via email to