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The firm will put 65 per cent more seats on sale for flights next winter linking the Costa del Sol with eight airports in the UK
17.02.13 - 17:48 -
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* campo obligatorioBorrar    Enviar steps up low season seats on flights between Malaga and UK to 100,000 will be operating more flights between Malaga and the UK next season. :: SUR
Malaga. has announced growth plans for the coming summer and winter seasons that will mainly affect Malaga and Alicante airports in Spain. For next winter the airline has scheduled 65 per cent more passenger seats on flights between the Costa del Sol and eight British airports, Jet2 Managing Director Ian Doubtfire told SUR at the recent Fitur tourism fair in Madrid.
Doubtfire explained that for next winter the number of seats on sale for Malaga flights would rise to nearly a hundred thousand. Jet2 links the Costa del Sol with eight UK_airports: Manchester, Belfast, Glasgow, Blackpool, Edinburgh, Newcastle, Leeds-Bradford and East Midlands.
The firm is confident that the response will be as good as it has been this last year, when Jet2 flights to and from Malaga airport have been on average 90 per cent full.
“Spain is still a very comfortable destination for the British tourists, who may try other countries but always end up coming back here. The climate is undoubtedly the great attraction but the price of flights is what brings them back to Malaga,” said’s managing director, adding that safety in a destination such as the Costa del Sol is also a factor that tourists value highly.
Pointing out that tickets are already on sale, Doubtfire explained that the growth planned for next winter comes after a 25 per cent increase this season. The airline operates flights to 11 Spanish airports and Malaga is third as far as volume of traffic is concerned.
For the summer season, that starts with the hour change on March 30th, the number of seats available on flights between the Costa del Sol and those eight UK airports will increase by 18 per cent compared to peak season last year.
“Malaga is a hugely attraction city destination,” added Doubtfire.
In fact the Jet2 managing director said that Malaga first appeared in the Jet2Holidays brochure for city destinations last year and is now one of the most popular options. The group has made deals with 14 hotels for city break packages this summer.
“This city is attracting a lot of passengers, not just because of its cultural attractions but also because British holidaymakers fly here to embark on cruises,” said Doubtfire. He stressed that the 600 UK travel agencies that have Malaga in their brochures agree that the pull of the city is getting stronger.


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