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The latest active population survey takes the national jobless figure close to six million
27.01.13 - 15:14 -
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At the end of 2012 there were 275,400 unemployed in the province of Malaga (35.29% of the active population) and as many as 5,965,400 in Spain as a whole (26.6%).
These are the results of the latest Economically Active Population Survey (EPA) carried out by the National Statistics Institute every three months. The figure for Malaga is 12,500 higher than in the third quarter of 2012 and 23,700 more than at the end of 2011.
The survey also revealed that in ten per cent of households in Spain all of the members are out of work and unemployment among the under-25s has shot up to 55% nationally.
Andalucía is the Spanish region with the highest unemployment rate, 35.86%.


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