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22.01.13 - 19:25 -
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Lastra Productions presents at Teatro Alameda in Málaga on February 1st and 2nd their new show "A Puro Tango"
A Puro Tango (Pure Tango) it is a spectacle that it contains all the expressions of the Argentine tango: The dance by two of the best dance couples in the international tango scene, the voice and poetry interpreted by the great singer from Buenos Aires Patricia Nora and the music interpreted by virtuosos musicians who try to recover the sound of the classic tango from the thirties and forties that reminds us the traditional sonority of the instrumental genre like in the Carlos Gardel's recordings.
With a classic formation, as tango was interpreted in it´s origins and incorporating tangos from every epoch, it will transport the audience to the Buenos Aires of the 30´s with the "Belle Epoque" and the Tango Cabaret of Paris up to nowadays turned into Heritage of the Humanity and conquering the venues of the whole world.
This group explores the Argentine Tango from its purest tradition, representing this genre since its early days or also known as "golden age" of tango. Its repertoire, composed of very careful and characteristic original arrangements, covers the entire history of tango, over a hundred years portrayed by great masters of this style of music such as Pugliese, Troilo, Salgán, Piazzolla.
The choreographies exclusively created for this spectacle, are extremely sensual. It express a full feeling of sensuality but not of sexuality, where the most important is not only the great technique of the dancers but his expressiveness. Everything is joined, looks, arms, hands, every movement of the body accompanying the cadence of the tango and transmit through what they are living: a three minutes romance.
Patricia Nora is well-known argentine tango singer . She was the regular singer in 1983 of the mythically "Viejo Almacén” in Buenos Aires. She was the singer of the show "Tango Passion " and also of the famous orchestra Sexteto Mayor. She performed in many festivals like “Festival Internacional de la canción de Viña del Mar” in Chile, and she has been touring in Brazil, Japan, Spain and France. She has recorded several cd´s with CBS and performed in many venues of Germany, Switzerland and Denmark.
Mariano & Alejandra and Gonzalo & Carolina nowadays are two of the best Argentinean couples based in Europe and are claimed in the most prestigious tango festivals around the world.


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