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The Association of New and Foreign Residents is organising an English camp for Spanish children this August
18.01.13 - 12:25 -
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Rincón foreign residents to run English summer camp
Aprile Winterstein (far right) with dignitaries. SUR
The Rincón de la Victoria-based Association for New and Foreign Residents of Malaga (ANREM) is one of several organisations which have been asked by the provincial government, ‘La Diputación’, to cooperate in a new social youth project, ‘La Noria’.
“As an Association we’re honoured to be chosen as one of the ‘founding associations’ of this major new initiative, which will act as an ‘incubator’ for many different projects aimed at helping children and teenagers across the province of Malaga,” Aprile Winterstein, President of ANREM, tells SUR in English.
“Originally, ANREM was approached by ‘La Diputación’ to help reach out to children whose parents cannot afford to send them abroad to learn English, and who might benefit from the different activities that ‘La Noria’ will offer.
“Since then, our involvement has evolved somewhat. We’re now going to be running an ‘English language immersion’ summer camp for Spanish kids throughout the month of August.
“We will have up to 100 children a week, aged between nine and 13 years old, and they will be able to stay overnight at the camp.”
The ‘La Noria’ project is described by the president of the provincial government, Elias Bendodo, as “A pioneering initiative in Andalucía, which is a fine example of a public-private partnership that’s focused around social innovation.”
Speaking at a press conference he added: “The aim [of ‘La Noria’] is to promote social development projects that engage citizens, organisations, institutions, foundations and corporations.
“This centre will be a hub of society’s creativity and talent which will then be channelled into various social schemes that will benefit the province’s young people.”
The base for the project will be the ‘Centro Básico de Acogida’, a “beautifully preserved historic building, set in 6,000 square metres of mature gardens located next to Malaga’s Materno Hospital.”
Canadian-born Aprile, who has lived in Rincón de la Victoria for two decades, founded the not-for-profit Association for New and Foreign Residents of Malaga in March 2011 to “help integration and to ensure that these people are fairly represented within the local administration.”
She says: “Whether devising an English youth camp, raising funds for charities such as Cudeca, or whatever we’re involved with, we hope to bring people together and make a real difference.
“The majority of our active members have lived on the Costa del Sol for many years and the Association is a way to give back to the local community.
“As President, I hope to create a bridge between the Spanish authorities and the foreign community. Thanks to my 22 years in Spain, almost always with my own real estate business, I have a considerable amount of experience dealing with the bureaucracy related to living in Spain.”
ANREM will soon be moving its operation into its new office at the Rincón de la Victoria Town Hall building.


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