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Bancosol hopes to reach 300 tonnes once contributions from companies have been added to the current total
07.12.12 - 16:38 -
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Shoppers donate more than 225 tonnes of food to the 'Gran Recogida' campaign
Moreno Bonilla, together with the Mayor and the President of Bancosol. Álvaro Cabrera
The citizens of Malaga province united over the weekend with the Bancosol food bank and its aim to fill its warehouse and help thousands of families affected by unemployment. The second day of the ‘Gran Recogida’ campaign started on Saturday safe in the knowledge that the aim of 150 tonnes of nonperishable foods would be easily beaten. On Friday alone 100 tonnes of food were collected in 230 stores of the 14 chains taking part in the campaign.
Saturday’s collection exceeded expectations even further, with the public campaign closing at a reported 225 tonnes. This total will be increased further still once the donations from participating businesses are added. Javier Peña, President of Bancosol, said the new aim was to double the original target, and reach 300 tonnes in Malaga province. It is a similar story at regional level; the Andalusian target was originally set at 800 tonnes, but the total will now be closer to 1,500.
A team effort
In supermarkets on Saturday volunteers continued to fill boxes even when there were no more official boxes left. In many places, the supermarkets lent their own boxes, as did Seur, one of the collaborating businesses.
Foreign volunteers also played a large role in the collection, such as Scot Eileen Pérez and Argentinian Sandra Alfaro, who worked in the Supersol in Rincón de la Victoria.
Not all the volunteers were anonymous; at the Calle Reding branch of Supersol, the Secretary of State for equality and social services, Juan Manuel Moreno Bonilla, was accompanied by Mayor Francisco de la Torre and various local councillors. Moreno Bonilla declared himself proud, as the province’s response was an example to the rest of the country.


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