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05.12.12 - 13:05 -
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A project to restore and refurbish one of Coín’s oldest and most architecturally important properties is one step closer to becoming a reality with the publication of a paper by the Junta de Andalucía, outlining plans to restore the 16th Century building. The old ‘Hospital de la Caridad’ building in the centre of Coín is one of only four ‘L’ shaped buildings of its period that remain in Andalucía and although it was used as office space for the town’s courts until a few years ago, recent excavations and tests have shown that many of the buildings original features still lie under layers and layers of plaster and lime whitewash. Arches and columns of brickwork have been uncovered that once formed cloisters for the adjacent church and an unusual entrance built in the 18th century add to the architectural value of the building.
Town Hall engineers are now using the Junta’s plans to prepare documents for the tendering process for the restoration and development of the building and the adjacent church, which Coín’s Councillor for Heritage, Isabel Urbaneja, says must be carried out as soon as possible as the poor condition of the roof could lead to further structural damage.
The council hopes that once the building is restored and refurbished with modern conveniences that it will become a tourist attraction as well as becoming an administrative and social resource for the town. The estimated two million euro project is to be funded jointly by the Junta de Andalucía and the town council, with the town hall paying 25 per cent of the refurbishment costs.


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