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The government is dealing with protests of every kind and colour these days
30.11.12 - 12:41 -
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A black tide of robed lawyers decries the advent of 'unjust' court fees
1000 lawyers demanded that the new charges be dropped. C.M.
This week saw the black one. On Wednesday 28th November more than 1000 Malaga lawyers, many in dark robes, marched in protest at the introduction of court fees, demanding that these new charges be withdrawn before they come into effect.
The unprecedented event also saw the presence of unions CC OO and CGT as well as the spokespersons of Malaga’s PSOE and Izquierda Unida parties, María Gámez and Pedro Moreno Brenes respectively.
Speaking at the march, which set off from the Andalusian high court in Calle Manuel Agustín Heredia at midday, Francisco Javier Lara, dean of the Malaga School of Lawyers, said: “The legal profession cannot stay silent when the government is threatening our citizens’ human rights, such as the right to equality and to legal representation. These are the very rights that it is our duty to protect,” adding that he didn’t consider the exemption for victims of gender abuse or those affected by terrorism (announced on Wednesday by the government) an adequate compromise.
Lara went on to point out that these new charges will make access to legal hearings a costly process and deny the poor their right to justice. “Those with money will be able to take their case to court. Those without will not.”
Complete with placards with slogans such as “No to the charges”, “Justice, a luxury item” and “They’re taxing your justice”, the march wound through the city centre before arriving in the Plaza de la Constitución, surprising a lot of people who were out and about. On hearing who the marchers were and what they were protesting about, one elderly lady, tugging the robes of a young lawyer shouted: “This government is going to leave us with nothing”.


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