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At this year’s World Travel Market in London the Malaga tourism authorities hope to promote city breaks
06.11.12 - 21:08 -
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City strikes new deals with British airlines to bring more tourists to Malaga
Councillor Caneda, ready to attract British visitors. C. Moret
The Malaga Tourism authorities are going to the World Travel Market in London next week with the intention of filling all the gaps left open in the market. For several years Malaga has been promoting city breaks and now their aim is to meet a growing demand for this type of trip among residents in central and northern England as well as Scotland.
Earlier this week councillor Damián Caneda announced that the City Hall had come to a collaboration agreement with the airline Jet2, due to be signed at the London event next week.
Next year the city and the airline will join forces to carry out campaigns to promote city break packages including flight and hotel in Malaga. Information seminars will also be carried out with travel agents based around the Glasgow, Leeds-Bradford, Manchester and Newcastle areas.
Full agenda
A further meeting has been organised at the World Travel Market on Monday with Monarch Airlines and Cosmos Holidays, (the Monarch Travel Group), with the intention of agreeing on a similar form of collaboration.
Also on Monday the mayor of Malaga, Francisco de la Torre, is due to meet with sales representatives for the British market for Norwegian Cruise Line, which currently uses Malaga as an embarkation and disembarkation port. The aim here, too, is to collaborate in the promotion of the city among travel agents and specialist cruise media.
Councillor Damián Caneda pointed out that the typical British tourist in the city of Malaga was aged between 56 and 65 with an interest in culture. So far this year some 54,000 British visitors have stayed in a city hotel, seven per cent up on last year.


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