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The Audiencia Nacional has denied Vázquez the four million euros claimed for her wrongful imprisonment in the Wanninkhof case
31.10.12 - 12:39 -
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Dolores Vázquez to take rejected compensation appeal to Supreme Court
Dolores Vázquez, in a photo taken in 2002. SUR
Dolores Vázquez has received another negative response in her campaign for compensation for the time she spent in prison as the main suspect in the Rocío Wanninkhof murder case. The Audiencia Nacional has rejected her claim for four million euros in compensation for the 519 days she spent in prison due to a judicial error. Her lawyers have announced that they will appeal to the Tribunal Supremo.
Vázquez’s claim was first rejected by the Ministry of Justice at the end of 2010 and so her lawyers took the matter to the courts. On Tuesday the Audiencia Nacional denied the compensation on the grounds that the claim was filed quoting article 294 of the Judiciary law, which has since been restricted to cover compensation only in cases when the crime never really happened, rather than article 293, which deals with judicial error.
Rocío Wanninkhof was murdered in Mijas in October 1999. Vázquez was held in prison between September 7th 2000 and February 8th 2002. In September 2001 she was found guilty and sentenced to 15 years in prison. She was later acquitted of the murder after evidence pointed to a new suspect Tony King. The British man was eventually found guilty and imprisoned.
Dolores Vázquez now lives in the UK.


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