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More and more firms are interested in tapping into the Costa del Sol’s "talent pool", say leading recruiters
19.10.12 - 13:56 -
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Mayor of Fuengirola hails the creation of scores of new jobs
The Myramar office building in Fuengirola. G.P.
More than 60 new jobs are to be created in Fuengirola over the next year by one of the world’s largest independent financial advisory firms which opened its ‘European Communications Centre’ in the Myramar office building this week.
Speaking to SUR in English as the company, the deVere Group, launched its new hub on Monday, director Mike Coady said: “Spain is the ideal destination to establish the European Communications Centre due to its extensive, modern business infrastructure and world-class centres of excellence.
“More specifically, the Costa del Sol was a natural choice as a location for the facility as it is home to a thriving expat community – one of the largest in the world – and the deVere Group is a market leader in expat wealth solutions.
“In addition, there are many talented people with customer service skills developed in leading firms during the ‘boom’ years who are now, due to the recession, out of work. We’re keen to tap into this talent pool.”
The Mayor of Fuengirola, Esperanza Oña, has welcomed the global corporation establishing a new base in Fuengirola.
“It’s a positive sign that in these times of economic hardship, Fuengirola is still able to attract leading companies such as this. It’s good news not only because of the number of jobs they create but because of the prestige that they bring to the town,” she tells this newspaper.
Such comments are perhaps unsurprising considering that Spain’s jobless total grew by nearly 80,000 last month to nearly 5 million people.
Indeed, unemployment increased by 11.32 per cent during the 12 months that ended 30th September, according to the Ministry for Employment and Social Security. And with 24.4 per cent of the population now out of work, Spain has the highest unemployment in the industrialised world.
For its part, the deVere Group, says it is “delighted to be bucking the country’s current sad trend of redundancies by generating new positions.”
Applications are still welcomed and CVs can be sent to
International firms
The deVere Group is one of several global companies which has been keen to take advantage of the Costa del Sol’s human resources in recent times.
Over the last few months several international firms have held recruitment events on the coast, and as reported by_SUR in English last week, Emirates Airlines has recently announced it is to do the same in December.
Dubai-based recruitment specialist, Marc Hopkins, explains the reasoning behind this trend. “Firms which have an international clientele, which is an increasing number of them, need internationally-minded employees who are used to dealing with people from all over the world and who, ideally, speak more than one language.
“Therefore, it’s not hard to fathom why they would go to major expat destinations such as the Costa del Sol, the United Arab Emirates, Hong Kong and Singapore, to look for new staff.”


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