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A group calling themselves the Mad English Cycling Team are set to cycle more than 1,200 km for charity
15.10.12 - 11:19 -
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Pedal power all the way to Marbella for fundraisers
The team are hoping for a puncture-free ride. SUR
A team of cyclists are hoping to raise more than 27,000 euros for charity by cycling 1,200 kilometres to Marbella.
Calling themselves the Mad English Cycling Team, the seven friends will start at St Albans in England on October 16th and plan to reach the Costa del Sol town on October 25th .
The ten day slog will see them cycle from St Albans to Portsmouth, before arriving in Santander by ferry and making their way down through Spain.
Paul Rosenthal, from St Albans, said: “I turned 40 this year and I wanted to prove I was still fit. So I thought I would cycle down to my second house in La Heredia. If you are going to do it you may as well do it properly and on the way we can raise a huge amount of money for charity.”
The dad of two said they would be covering between 80 to 98 miles a day and sleeping in hostels.
He added: “People kept saying I was mad when I told them what we are doing so that’s how we came up with our name.”
The friends have already raised 22,000 euros for charity which is being donated to Great Ormond Street Hospital and the Grove House Hospice.
Fellow cyclist Dan Rowe, 33, originally from Chichester but now living in La Heredia, added: “I am meeting up with the team on the last day (25th) at Osuna to ride the last glorious 120 km via Ronda down to the bar. We are doing it for the experience, the achievement and of course to raise money for two great causes.”
The two men, together with their friends Paul Small, Mark Bunting, Paul Browning, Richard Marchand, Sam Skuce and Karen Zammit, plan to arrive at K Bar on the evening of October 25th for a party.
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