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The four month old hooded seal pup was taken to the Marine Species Recovery Centre after its 4,000 kilometre voyage
05.10.12 - 11:33 -
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Seal dies after rescue from the Guadalmedina
The baby seal attracted numerous onlookers at the mouth of the river on Monday and Tuesday. F. G.
Dozens of people flocked to the mouth of the Guadalmedina in the centre of Malaga earlier this week to catch a glimpse of the river’s new resident, a young seal. Estimated to be four or five months old the hooded seal pup was thought to have covered up to 4,000 kilometres from the Arctic, Scotland or Ireland, dragged along by marine currents, and surviving thanks to the early hunting skills of its species.
The male pup was finally captured on Tuesday night and taken to Malaga’s Centre for the Recovery of Marine Species (Crema). The animal was weak and undernourished and tests revealed a gastrointestinal infection and diarrhoea. It was given sardines to eat and treated with anitbiotics and stomach protectors.
All attempts to keep it alive, though, were in vain and the pup died on Thursday morning.
Too weak
When captured it weighed 28 kilos, only around half the average for its age. Crema had already been making plans to release the seal back into its natural habitat after an estimated two month recovery period and contacts had been made with Spanish and European institutions.


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