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The body of a missing British woman has been found in Almeria
04.10.12 - 20:28 -
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Flood damage assessed as mud is cleared
Much of the week has been spent clearing mud and debris from roads and houses. Álvaro Cabrera
On Tuesday the Malaga provincial government (Diputación) held its first meeting to assess flood damage and prepare a single report file to be sent on to the central government. Their priority is to solve problems caused by damaged infrastructure, roads and farms and the local town halls have been given two weeks in which to send in their reports.
Meanwhile work was under way to restore the water supply to homes in towns as far apart as Alpandeire, Benaoján, Villanueva del Trabuco and Rosario, Valle del Abdalajís, Mollina and Álora.
Home owners have been advised to contact their insurance companies or the government’s Consorcio de Compensación de Seguros direct. By Monday the Government insurance consortium had already registered damage to 700 homes and 105 businesses as well as 150 vehicles. So far this damage has been valued at 15 million euros.
Municipal offices have been set up in Antequera, Archidona, Villanueva del Trabuco and Villanueva del Rosario, Álora and Pizarra, among others, to help affected residents and assess damage.
Secondary students from Valle de Abdalajís have been unable to attend their schools in Antequera all week as the bridges are not considered safe for buses to cross. Three families in Antequera (in Las Lagunillas and on the La Joya - Valle de Abdalajís) were still cut off on_Wednesday.
All week different authorities have visited the flooded areas to see damage and sympathise with victims. This Friday 5th Villanueva del Rosario is expecting a royal visit, from Queen Sofía, who will tour the affected areas. The town has cancelled most of its fair programme and instead the money will be spent on aid for the families affected by the floods.
Similarly Álora has cancelled this weekend’s Día de las Sopas Perotas, as a sign of “solidarity”.
Six dead in Andalucía
Last weekend’s floods hit hard outside the province of Malaga too with a total of eleven deaths counted in the country, six in Andalucía and five in Murcia.
On Wednesday a fishing boat found the body of 52 year old British woman four and a half miles off the coast of Los Escullos, Almeria. Diana Dudas, had been missing since floods swept through the Pueblo Laguna area of Vera where she lived, some 50 kilometres from where the body was found. She worked at the Hotel Vera Beach.
Almeria Government sources said that the woman had been identified by a necklace she was wearing.
Another three people lost their lives in the province of Almeria. A couple were found on Friday night in a vehicles in the Guazamara stream in Cuevas de Almanzora and a 90 year old Belgian man, who apparently had a heart complaint died after being rescued by a helicopter.
These can be added to the two deaths already recorded in Malaga, a woman in Álora, and a man in Archidona.
Divers and emergency teams are still searching for the man who was last seen in Pizarra last Friday and a 70 year old German woman resident in Murcia, also missing since the floods.


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