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Tensions were recently re-ignited by Gibraltar police patrols harassing three fishing boats working in the Bay of Algeciras
11.09.12 - 11:34 -
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Gibraltar police hostile towards Spanish fishermen
Spanish boats in the bay of Algeciras. sur
Three fishing boats from Algeciras report being harassed last week by Gibraltar police patrols while they were fishing in waters close to the Rock.
As the ‘Unión Vázquez Blanco’, the ‘Joaquina’ and the ‘Chanito’ began to fish the waters of the Bay of Algeciras with nets already spread, two patrol boats of the Royal Police Gibraltar (RPG) arrived on the scene. They then began to harass the fishermen, according to sources, by turning on lights and making dangerous manoevres. Minutes later the Guardia Civil came to the boats’ rescue. The fish had been disturbed, claimed the workers, who opted to be escorted back to shore.
This is the first such incident involving Algeciras fishermen in several months although those of nearby La Línea de la Concepción say that a number of cases of mild harassment have been reported in the last fortnight.
The central government, in response, has reiterated its unwavering support of the Spanish fishermen and has stated that if tensions flare once again with the Gibraltar authorities over fishing rights, it will consider new measures to deal with the conflict.