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The Director General says the move will also safeguard jobs
10.09.12 - 11:47 -
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Canal Sur 2 closes in attempt to save 20 million euros
The Director General made the announcement recently. SUR
The Director General of Radio Televisión Andaluza (RTVA), Pablo Carrasco, has recently announced that Canal Sur 2 will be broadcasting the same programmes as Canal Sur with effect from October, because of the need to save money. Appearing before the RTVA parliamentary committee, he explained that the move is being made to safeguard jobs and it is expected to result in a saving of 20 million euros in 2013.
"We have taken this decision for a very simple reason: we cannot afford two different stations", said the Director General. At the end of July, there was a deficit of 34.3 million euros, whereas the forecast for the whole year had been 30.6 million. Also, the Junta de Andalucía's contribution has been reduced by 33 per cent, from 180 million euros to 122, since 2009, advertising revenue has dropped by one third and a large number of invoices have not yet been paid. For these reasons, said Pablo Carrasco, it would be "impossible" to rely solely on austerity measures, although he estimated that at the end of this year, expenditure should have dropped by 60 million euros compared with last year.
The main measures to save money have been a reduction in directors' and staff salaries, no increase in staffing levels, a reduction in programmes which are contracted to production companies and the renegotiation of rental contracts. Sr. Carrasco also pointed out that RTVA receives less money from the Andalusian government than regional television stations in other parts of the country and that he would continue to ask the Junta de Andalucía to increase its budget for this purpose.
Canal Sur 2 began broadcasting in 1998 under the name of Canal 2 Andalucía and its name was changed in 2008. Its programmes have a cultural and alternative focus and it maintains an audience of between 1.2 and 1.5 per cent. From next month it will show the same programmes as Canal Sur but with subtitles, sign language and audio description of films.