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14.08.12 - 20:45 -
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The mobile contract that costs 2,000 euros per month
Vodafone taken to court for overcharging a client. sur
After his first bill of 300 euros for just one month's use, a Vodafone client changed his company's three mobile phones to contracts which cost 39.90 euros for unlimited internet and unlimited calls between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m. Despite this the following month not only did the amount charged not get reduced but it even increased to 791 euros. The customer lodged a complaint with Vodafone but three months later he was sent a bill for 2,600 euros for just one month's usage.
After the situation was reported to the Secretary of State for Telecommunications in July last year, the phone operator admitted that there had been an error. However "the company continued to charge a similar fee and even threatened to put him on a credit blacklist if he refused to pay." After this the businessman decided to take Vodafone to court.
Court ruling
After examining the facts the judge in charge of the case explained that Vodafone had been billing its client extortionate prices compared to his chosen phone contract.
The judge declared that despite the company admitting to an error, it continued to charge these fraudulent prices and the customer's mobile bills were "improper, incorrect and excessive". The judge ordered Vodafone to return the victim's money.
The trial used the client's phone bills and the testimony of the Vodafone shop that made the change in price plan. None of the facts were contested by the operator as Vodafone did not appear before the courts and has not appealed against the ruling.


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