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The new strip will double the airport’s capacity, allowing as many as 72 planes to take off or land in an hour
28.04.12 - 20:59 -
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Malaga's second runway ready for use this summer
Malaga's new runway is between the terminal and the river. SUR
This summer Malaga will become Spain’s fifth airport to have two or more runways. The new landing strip is expected to be in use in June, although Aena sources say that they still need to complete the certification process and staff training as well as carry out a few improvements and tests.
The runway is currently being inspected by the State Air Security Agency, Aesa. So far the test results have been positive in the main although a few minor faults have been detected, mainly in signing, and are in the process of being corrected.
Proof of the progress of the testing is a document that has appeared in the official aeronautical information publication Airac, which informs airlines, pilots, air traffic controllers and management of the imminent opening of the second runway.
Once the facility is in operation, the intentions are to start to use it gradually according to demand, according to airport sources.
In practical terms the new runway will allow the airport to increase its capacity from the current 37 to as many as 72 take-offs and landings an hour, carrying some 9,500 passengers.
Only Madrid, Barcelona, Palma de Mallorca and Gran Canaria airports currently have two or more runways.
Malaga’s second runway has been built at an angle of 14 degrees from the first between the terminal and the Guadalhorce river. It has cost some 400 million euros and work started in August 2007. The runway is 2,750 metres long, with a parallel taxiway with four access strips and six exits and two connections with the existing runway.


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