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Processions take place all over the region throughout the week from Palm Sunday
02.04.12 - 11:33 -
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Andalucía launches into another week of holy passion
Palm Sunday, a day for the little ones. J-L
This coming week is Semana Santa, the week that vies only with the annual summer fairs for the position of the most important event on the Andalusian calendar.
From this Sunday streets in cities, towns and villages will be filled with the sound of marching bands, the smell of incense and the sight of penitents in their famous pointed hoods escorting their images of Christ and the Virgin Mary.
The larger the place the greater the spectacle and cities such as Seville and Malaga boast as many as seven or eight processions every night, with hundreds of participants in each.
Residents and visitors prepared to battle with the crowds can view more than 50 processions in the city of Malaga, from the more cheerful Palm Sunday expedition of Jesus on the donkey to the solemn events of Good Friday. As many as 300 bearers can be seen carrying the heavy images on their intricately decorated ‘tronos’ bathed in gold and silver and covered in flowers.
Highlights in Malaga include the presence of Antonio Banderas (his own procession takes place on the evening of Palm Sunday), the popular Cautivo with its thousands of followers and the lively Gitanos processions on Monday, and the Virgen de las Penas with her flower-covered mantle on Tuesday, among many others.
In other parts of the province the atmosphere is no less dramatic, although on a smaller, often more comfortable, scale. Larger towns such as Marbella, Ronda and Antequera have processions every day while celebrations in other municipalities are limited to Palm Sunday Maundy Thursday and Good Friday.


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