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The elderly victim was sitting on a bench in the Plaza Costa del Sol
09.09.11 - 12:14 -
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Shooting in Torremolinos
The Plaza Costa del Sol was closed for several hours. SUR
A 79-year-old man was shot dead at point-blank range in Torremolinos on Wednesday evening. The victim had been sitting on a bench and chatting with a friend in the busy Plaza Costa del Sol, opposite the Entreplazas shopping area, just before 7 p.m. when another man is said to have approached from behind and shot him in the head with a sawn-off shotgun without saying a word.
Local shopkeepers say they thought the noise was a rocket at first, but then heard people shouting that somebody had been shot. Witnesses say the gunman, who appeared to be about the same age as his victim, was well-built and that although he hurried away he did not run, possibly because of his age and build. Some people went after him, down Pasaje de Pizarro to the Plaza de Andalucía, where a local police officer grabbed the bag he was carrying and a member of the public pushed him to the ground.
After being arrested, the suspect allegedly told police that the bag which contained the shotgun did not belong to him and that a man had just given it to him. It has been reported that he comes from Olvera, in Cadiz province, and has a previous conviction for homicide. In a nearby street, police officers found another bag containing a shirt, trousers and cap and believe that he had been planning to change his clothing as part of his escape.
The National Police closed off the Plaza Costa del Sol and the surrounding area after the tragic incident because of the huge crowd of people who had gathered. It reopened later, once the victim's body had been taken away and forensic tests had been carried out.
The man who was killed is not from Torremolinos but is believed to have a holiday apartment in Avenida Las Manantiales, which he visited several times a year from his home in Ciudad Real. It is probable that the two men knew each other, but nobody knows yet why one of them decided to kill the other.


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