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Next Saturday, May 8th, Smokie can be seen live on stage in Fuengirola. Bass guitarist Terry Uttley spoke to SUR in English just before taking off for Spain
03.05.10 - 11:13 -

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"Smokie is my life"
Bass. Terry Uttley is still rocking around the world with Smokie.
Smokie are still going strong and are touring the world after several decades. Terry Uttley speaks of how he, Alan Silson and Chris Norman met each other at school back in 1965.
“In 1968 the band became professional, but it was not until seven years later that Smokie tasted any measure of success. In 1975 the single ‘If you think you know how to love me’ leapt to number three in the UK charts. “The following year”, he adds, “we wrote ‘Living Next Door to Alice’ which brought the band instant fame”.
After that Smokie set out on a world tour and released hits such as ‘Laying Back In The Arms Of Someone’, ‘Needles And Pins’, ‘Ohh Carol’, ‘What Can I Do’, ‘Don’t Play That Rock n Roll To Me’ and many others which consolidated the band’s position as one of leading groups of the day.
Terry Uttley maintains that the spirit is just the same.“It was a fantastic time but it is also remarkable that now, 35 years later, we are still rocking the world and playing around 100 gigs a year all over the world. The sound and spirit is the same and this autumn we will be releasing our latest CD. And we always promise to play our greatest hits at our concerts. We are really looking forward to the concert at Fuengirola as we have never played live on the Costa del Sol and never before have we played in an Arab fortress.”
For Terry Uttley, Smokie is his life. There have been good moments, bad moments, and tragic moments.
“It was a terrible blow when we lost our former lead singer Alan Barton in a car accident on a German tour in 96. It was extremely hard to overcome and I remember the tragedy every time I get into a minibus. On the other hand, I count myself as extremely fortunate because I have always had the job I wanted. Today we are a very “healthy” band as we don’t drink and only one of the group smokes. Our families are used to our touring and can live with it. Our wives have been with us since the beginning and our children have grown up touring with us. It’s simply our life. Smokie is my life”, says Terry.
“I hope to see many people at Sohail castle the 8th of May. It’s a great venue and it will be fantastic to see so many different nationalities come together for the concert,” he continues.
Tickets for the concert on Saturday May 8th at 9 p.m. are available from the following outlets, priced 40 euros (standing) and 50 euros (seats):
F Fuengirola: Hairdresser Hair Inspiración (Euromarket), Hairdresser Beso (next to Salon Varietes), Vitamina (Centro Idea).
Arroyo de la Miel: Funky Frog
Marbella: The German Bakery (El Rosario).
Torre del Mar: Muebles Pirámide.
Torrox Costa: The German Supermarket.

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