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Andalusia news


Two lanes of the dual carriageway are out of use near Jun as the road literally slid down the mountainside
04.03.10 - 12:07 -

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Another stretch of the A-92 collapses as rainsoaked land slides from beneath it
A-92. Monday’s collapse is just the latest on a long list of subsidence problems affecting the road since it was built. Ramón L. Pérez
Just a few weeks ago it happened in Jaén; now Granada. The ground has swallowed up a 50 metre stretch of the A-92 just before the Alfacar exit on the Guadix-bound carriageway, in the municipality of Jun. A landslide, caused by the accumulation of rainwater, has taken half the road down the mountainside at kilometre 247.
A row of cones and roadsigns warn drivers to move into one lane around a kilometre before the road disappears. They are then directed onto the opposite carriageway until they get passed the hole where the road used to be.
This one-way traffic system will be in place for between two and three months while the road is repaired. The landslide, which occurred on Monday, created a 30 metre long and ten metre deep crack in the tarmac. Machinery was in the area on Tuesday to ensure the safety of the carriageway that is still in use so that the road does not have to be closed altogether.
This is hardly the first problem suffered by the A-92 which has experienced endless cases of subsidence, cracks and ruts since it was first opened in 1992. In fact the road started to break in 1991, a year before the opening when a mudslide took part of the road surface with it in Venta del Molinillo. A few years later the road gave way again at the same point.
In 1996 another stretch of the road collapsed, this time near Loja. Then came three years of works to patch over ruts and holes until the reconstruction of the entire stretch between Loja and Moraleda de Zafayona was approved in 2000. In November that same year another landslide meant that a kilometre stretch of the road had to be closed near Diezma. Soon after that another 200 metres collapsed between Alfacar and Viznar, in 2001. So far some 90 million euros have been spent on repairs.

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