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Fish dishes at 6 euros in the 2nd Gastronomic Fish Extravaganza at Casa Juan 'Los Mellizos'
01.10.09 - 12:45 -
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Casa Juan Los Mellizos are preparing to celebrate their first “15 days of Gold” Fish Extravaganza. During these 15 days Casa Juan are offering more than 18 varieties of fish dishes at just 6 euros a portion. Get a free portion here!!
Located in La Carihuela (Torremolinos), Casa Juan “Los Mellizos”, is the perfect dining location for companies, families, friends and every type of meeting and celebration. Each of their succulent dishes are complemented by the best selection of wines. The perfect opportunity to enjoy “15 Days of Gold” in Casa Juan “Los Mellizos” until the 9th October.
Casa Juan-Los Mellizos is giving away ten rations during their first 15 days of Gold Fish Extravaganza and people will have them are:
Carol Wright, Graham Edge, Paul Prendeville, Jongh Gerard Anton, Michael Cross, Angela Hewitt, Amir Zardouz, Ana Eva Donaire García, Regina Calderón Torres, Carlos José Rojo Echevarría.
This gastronomy event is supported by Blanc Pescador, Marina Alta and Marqués de Villalúa. Brand names which offer their special price of 6 euros per bottle of wine to complement the magnificent culinary delights.
Casa Juan “Los Mellizos” have comfortable lounges and an ample terrace situated in the centre of the Plaza de La Carihuela which has the capacity for 600 diners.
In Casa Juan “Los Mellizos” they are waiting to share more the 1,000 portions daily and many more each weekend. Each weekend, more than 2,000 people dine at the restaurant and enjoy the fabulous fresh fish in La Carihuela.
Proven Experience
Casa Juan is an expert at opening its doors to gastronomy celebrations such as the cod week (4 years ago) and rice week (on 5 occasions). This extravaganza of fish is celebrated with Cristóbal Martín (on the stoves at Casa Juan) and Ramón Jesús Montes (Manager) who know this will be another great success. Now is the time to taste the unusual speciality dishes of the Costa del Sol such as fried shrimps tails and ‘Las Pelúas’ (sole) among other delights. “ With the same quality as always, diners will learn more about the restaurant and its delicious dishes” explains Ramón Jesús Montes.
The menu of Casa Juan is composed of meats, fish and high quality seafood. One of its specialities and most popular dishes is rice, which is cooked in more than 10 distinct ways. Steamed rice, lobster rice, vegetable rice, black rice etc. The international cuisine completes the ample menu. Until the 9th October the fish dishes are the main specialities.
Casa Juan ‘Los Mellizos’ has an ample team of professionals from waiters to chefs all with extensive experience. Private parking is available and also the first hour or parking is offered free of charge in La Carihuela.
The “15 Days of Gold” Fish Extravaganza is a date to be marked in our culinary agendas.