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Malaga Airport

Well known firms will be setting up in the new terminal
11.09.09 - 13:43 -

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Malaga to have Spain’s best airport food and shopping zone
Six thousand square metres of bars, cafeterias and restaurants and 2,800 square metres of shops. With the opening of the new terminal building Malaga Airport is to become a first class commercial centre with an advantage to make most traders’ mouths water: more than ten million visitors a year, which could soon grow into 20 million. The lucky businesses to occupy this coveted space have now been chosen. Just over a month ago Aena awarded the contracts for the 21 new food and drinks premises and 24 shops, most of which will be in the new terminal building.
As expected competition for the contracts was tough. The large airport services groups sought the help of big names to give their bids more renown and the result is a “star-studded” commercial zone.
Those to have come out best are, on the catering side, the British multinational Select Service Partner (SSP) who will manage 15 of the 21 food premises available. Meanwhile on the commercial side the group Areas has won the contract for 11 of the 24 shops.
Some of the names to land at Malaga Airport ready for the Easter opening will be in Spain for the first time. These include Caviar House & Prunier, a restaurant aimed at more gourmet palates; and Whopper Bar, a new concept of burger bar launched recently by Burger King with only two branches open so far in the world: in Florida and Munich. The American coffee shop chain Starbucks has also chosen the new airport terminal for its first branch in the province of Malaga.
On the shopping side the airport will include a National Geographic store, the first in the world to be located in an airport. An area of the new commercial space will be devoted to Ferrari who hope to repeat the success they have had in Barcelona. They will be alongside names such as Adidas, Adolfo Domínguez, Cottet and Swarovski, among others.
On the food and drink side of things special mention must be given to La Moraga Airport, a venture that is fruit of the collaboration between the prestigious local chef Dani García and SSP in order to adapt his city centre bar to an airport environment. The partnership between the chef and the group will eventually be extended to other airports and countries, starting with France.
The director general of SSP for Spain, Blanca Ripoll, stresses that Malaga Airport’s commercial and restaurant area will be “the best in the country”. Airport staff are now working with the different firms in order to adapt their plans to the special features of an airport terminal. This is especially necessary in the case of firms that have never set up in an airport, such as Vips, which will be located in the new arrivals hall.
“We carried out an in-depth study of consumer behaviour, needs and habits at Malaga Airport, paying special attention to the British public, who make up 40 per cent of passengers coming and going from Malaga. They want to see names they know well, such as Starbucks or Burger King, but also places that make them feel that they are in Spain, and that is what La Moraga will do”, explains Ripoll.

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