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Gastronomy news

13.08.09 - 15:06 -

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All that glitters ...
GOLD. The product is sold at 50 euros per 100 milligrams.
Jeweller’s Gómez & Molina in Puerto Banús have come up with a new product which is literally leaving customers with their mouths open. This boutique is the first in Spain to sell edible gold, at the mouth-watering price of 50 euros per 100 milligrams.
Representatives of the shop explain that the gold dust, which is odourless and paradoxically, flavourless, can be used to garnish gazpacho or to add a touch of glamour to a cocktail.
Although it may sound like a novelty, renowned restaurateurs such as Ferrán Adriá, Carme Ruscalleda, Juan Mari Arzak and Dani García started using gold dust in food preparation several years ago. However, these world class chefs were preceded in their culinary experiments by the Ancient Egyptians who believed that consuming the precious metal in small quantities brought good luck and success.

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