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What to do in Andalusia

11.08.09 - 13:41 -

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Travellers passing through the María Zambrano train station in Malaga with a bit of time to spare will be able to see a new exhibition of Barbie dolls dressed in traditional flamenco outfits in the adjoining Vialia shopping centre.

Two hundred Barbie (and Ken) dolls dressed in costumes inspired by the most important female Spanish flamenco and copla singers and bullfighters will be on display upstairs in the restaurant and entertainment area of the centre until August 23rd to mark Barbie's 50th anniversary. The 29-centimetre (11.4-inch) beauty made her debut back at the 1959 New York Toy Fair, selling for three dollars, with outfits at between one and five dollars.

The exhibition is called 'Poderío' (Power) and aptly runs at the same time as the Malaga fair. It is open to the public during the time the shopping centre is open Monday to Sunday.

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