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10.08.09 - 12:04 -

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A new charitable association has been formed called The Phoenix Club which will be based in the Vélez-Málaga area. An inaugural meeting will take place at The Shanghai Restaurant, Torre del Mar on Friday 4th September at 12 noon.
This is an exciting time to join a new venture which will be membership focused. The objective is to create a happy and friendly atmosphere where members can enjoy themselves and meet new and interesting people. So if you are feeling a bit isolated or lonely in your new country, go along and join and be a founder member of an exciting new project.
This is a social club that will offer all an opportunity to form friendship networks which will help them make friends, share information but primarily is formed to have fun in a friendly and inclusive association. The Pheonix Club is not in competition with any other organisation but hopes to offer you a choice.
The club hopes to raise funds annually for the members’ choice of charity.
The Phoenix Club is open to all nationalities but the lingua franca will be English and this is a non political and secular organisation.
During these very difficult financial times, it is hoped that costs can be kept down to a minimum but still have all favourite activities such as bingo, coach trips, informative talks and dinner dances. A full programme of events will be published shortly which will include a supper dance.
Everyone is invited to join the first mutual society on the Eastern Costa del Sol.
A very modest annual membership fee will be requested in order to cover administration costs.
For more information please phone: Rosemary on 693 251 575 or Gail on 951 167 400 or email:

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