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english cemetery

Some bones were removed, including a skull
28.05.09 - 17:11 -

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The National Police force was called in this week to investigate the desecration of a number of niches in the international cemetery in Benalmádena, which is also known to some as the English cemetery. A cemetery employee found that six of the niches had been broken into on Tuesday night, and called the police.
The human remains in three of the niches had apparently been left untouched, but in the other three, bones had been moved and some were missing, including one skull. None of the bodies, which were of Spanish and foreign origin, had been interred recently.
No motives for the desecration have been ruled out by the police. SUR sources report that a possible connection with witchcraft or a sect is being investigated, or that it could have been a case of sheer vandalism. It is thought however that robbery is unlikely to have been the motive.

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