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16.03.09 - 19:09 -

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Fried biscuits

Put in a big bowl two glasses of milk with three spoons of sugar (optional: some drops of Pedro Ximénez). Mix all these ingredients.
Then put the biscuits in the bowl for four seconds and place them on another dish.
Repeat that with all the rest of the biscuits.
Then prepare a mixture with cornflour. It must be thick. You can add two spoons of chocolate or strawberry if you like. Then chill it.
After all those previous steps, you put a little amount of cornflour mixture between two biscuits and when you have finished with all of them, you cover the filled biscuits with beaten eggs.
And after that, you fry the biscuits for two or three minutes in hot oil. You place them on paper to eliminate oil.
Finally you should cover all over the biscuits with sugar and a pinch of cinnamon if you like it.
It is delicious. It is very popular in Spain.
And your kids can help you in the first part and in the last one.

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