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03.10.08 - 11:54 -

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In reply to Jane Simms’ letter (SUR in English edition 1260) about the ‘good old days’ To answer her question: the gold and profits have gone straight into the coffers of the Federal Reserve Bankers. This has been happening since they bribed politicians back in 1913 to put the Federal Reserve Act through Congress. Voting for Democrat/Republican, Labour/Tory is pointless. Until the Federal Reserve is abolished, voting today is virtually a waste of time.
Governments are clearly at a level below the Banksters who have been the cause of wars, misery and the demise of living standards for a long time through their control of the economy. The Gold in America is not audited. Gordon Brown sold UK gold for a loss now into billions. The Federal Reserve is a Private entity that answers to nobody. They print money through Fractional Reserve Banking (money not backed by gold), which really amounts to ‘legalised’ counterfeiting, they then lend this to governments and banks at interest, the result - perpetual debt.
Jane Simms talks about being self-sufficient through ‘the old-ways.’ I wish that could be possible, then we might escape the next stage in the Globalists plan: in America planning is under way to micro-chip every citizen - a cashless society, making you no better than a tagged dog. This means your money / wealth will be completely out of your control, is this what our forefathers fought for in the last wars, the total demise of our freedom? The scary thing is that we will demand this, as they offer us a solution to terrorism and other so called problems we might face, like public information that just happens to go missing on a regular basis.
This Credit Crunch is no accident, it has been contrived, and renders the citizen in a weaker position, as we will ultimately pay for this 700 billion bail out package by the Federal Reserve, as governments pile on tax and interest rates, hike up food and fuel, dissolving our living standards even more. Only the Gold Standard can ground an economy and stop inflation and deflation, thus giving our money and savings real value and protecting jobs. Banks were only meant to safe keep our gold, politicians only to obey us, but they keep pressing for more EU legislation after a NO vote. Sorry Lisa Hurlong (letter 26th September), the American people need to get their politicians to sign an affidavit that will abolish the Federal Reserve instead of voting.
Thomas Jefferson, one of America’s Founding Fathers said: ‘I believe that banking Institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies,’ I think he was right.

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