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25.09.08 - 13:22 -

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A British man is seriously injured in the third shoot out in Marbella in a month
Police officers at the scene of the shooting. / EFE / AL
Puerto Banús became the scene of the third shoot out in Marbella in a month yesterday. A man in his thirties from Liverpool in England was shot in the face and the arm when he tried to get into his British registered dark blue BMW in Calle Ramón Areces at 7.30 p.m.
Witnesses in bars close by said that the man who fired the shots, some of which hit the victim in the face, spoke to the Liverpool man minutes before.
The shooter, apparently also British, made his get away in a waiting car. Police officers, who were quickly on the scene and have seized the bullet shells for investigation, believe that the shooting was a settling of criminal scores.
One witness said that: "We thought the shots were fire crackers until we saw the victim on the ground with his face blown apart and covered in blood. It was like a film, he was having convulsions although he was was able to say something."
The victim was taken to the Costa del Sol Hospital where he was being treated for two bullet wounds in the face, one near his eye, and another in his arm, and his condition was reported as being serious.

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