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16.08.08 - 12:27 -

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Spanish judo team shut out at Olympics
Spain's Esther San Miguel (in white) and France's Stephanie Possamai compete in their women's -78 kgs judo match. / AFP / PEDRO UGARTE
Spain's Esther San Miguel lost her chance at winning the bronze in the women's judo lightweight class, falling to France's Stephanie Possamai and leaving the Spanish judo team without medals at the Beijing Summer Olympics.
San Miguel, who scored a yuko with about a minute left and appeared to be in good shape, lost control of the match in the final seconds, allowing her opponent to score a waza-ari and earn the medal.
The Spanish judoka, who had fought her way back from a rash of injuries to reach the Olympics, was unable to turn the tide for the Spanish judo team in Beijing.
Spain ended its time in China with two 5th-place finishes by San Miguel and Leire Iglesias; a 7th by Ana Carrascosa; and a 9th by Isabel Fernandez.
Oscar Peñas lost in the first elimination match and David Alarza was injured but will be able to compete again.

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