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01.08.08 - 14:39 -

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The most televised paella on Nerja's Burriana Beach
"There's no secret to making paella. Fresh and natural ingredients, lots of patience and following the same steps every time are what it takes," according to Francisco Ortega Olalla 'Ayo', owner of one of the best known 'chiringuitos' on the Costa del Sol. He has been making paella on Burriana Beach in Nerja for 40 years.
The Ayo beach restaurant became even more popular after 'Ayo' had a role playing himself in an episode of the legendary Spanish TV series 'Verano Azul' which was set in Nerja.
As a result thousands of tourists who come to Nerja seek out the beach bar so that they can have their photo taken with Ayo. And one of the things that brings people to this beach bar is that it's owner is so friendly. He is also generous and gives customers a second helping of his paella on the house ... and a third if they want it. "Not many people have seconds though, because the helping is big," says Ayo jovially.
For those who don't just want to eat the famous paella there is plenty more on the menu including a wide variety of salads (the speciality is avocado salad), meat, fish and pasta dishes.

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