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Safamotor Audi Marbella centre is largest Audi 'hanger' in Europe
06.06.08 - 12:14 -

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Safamotor Audi Marbella centre is largest Audi 'hanger' in Europe
SAFAMOTOR. Professional before and after sales service.
Safamotor has three Audi dealerships open to the public in the province of Malaga where over 35 years of experience has brought them a secure place in the car market in Fuengirola, Malaga and Marbella.
The Safamotor Audi Malaga office oponed its doors last July. The 5,000 m2 showroom is well worth paying a visit to, not just for the exclusive range of AUDI models available, but also to see an extensive range of all types of quality used cars at unbeatable prices.
The latest centre is the award winning Safamotor Audi Marbella centre, which opened in March this year, and it is currently the largest Audi “Hangar” in Europe. The large premises measures 10,000 m2 and the qualified team of professionals guarentee that customers are in the safest of hands before and after their purchases.
For further information visit us at or email Julia Ortega - - or call 952 66 00 50.

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