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Jorge Rando reveals his expressionism in the Museo del Patrimonio
The artist from Malaga shows 130 works done throughout his extensive career
12.05.08 - 12:12 -
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A tour of Jorge Rando's retrospective exhibition.
"I'm a painter who studies my work philosophically ... depending on what I want to say I use certain colours," says the artist Jorge Rando who was born in Malaga in 1941.
He was having a look at his new exhibition on show in the Malaga Patrimony Museum until June 29th which is a retrospective collection of 130 of his works. Jorge has called the collection 'La fuerza de la expresión' (The force of expression) and it is a snapshot of his extenstive career during most of which he has been based in Germany.
The exhibition includes an installation of a dozen white figures called 'Africa y la guerra' (Africa and the war). Some of the figures are looking at the wall and there is one of a child who appears to be dead. The installation is Jorge's idea of a prison in war torn Africa.